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     The Store You Never Forget…         … with the Man You Always Remember. lazPoinnts1



… Lazar has known Eugene for many generations of satisfied customers for over 40 years in Downtown Eugene.

Lazar and his Bazar operate as One of Eugene’s most famous cultural landmarks for over FORTY (40+) years. It is fun to see Eugene Folks bring in their GRANDCHILDREN to visit the store and meet LAZAR Himself.

Started in Eugene in the 1900’s
< 1972-
grin > selling Beautiful Tapestries (a Hippy Must-Have) to a lot of people via his booth at Renaissance Fare – A popular bazaar – styled local marketplace where  vendors have their own booths. He was there for along time. When he was ready, he closed his secure famous booth at Renaissance Faire (Famous Co-Op Store in Eugene. (On west 11th where (  ) is now.

LAZAR MOVED INTO his own building and brilliantly named his new store “Lazar’s Bazar.,”  He held on and grew by consistently selling trendy goodies at great low prices to almost all of Eugene, right downtown in the comfort and efficiency of Lazar’s Bazar.  Within those 40 years his stores moved locations yet always down town Eugene.
And yep, it is spelled with only one A – (as it matches Lazar) in the center of Downtown Eugene, Oregon USA